U16 Division 1 (1997) Season 2012/2013 Final Score

PLACE 1 BC Donetsk (Donetsk, Ukraine)
PLACE 2 BS Vilnius (Vilnius, Lithuania)
PLACE 3 A.Sabonis BS (Kaunas, Lithuania)
PLACE 4 BC Khimki (Khimki, Russia)
PLACE 5 BS VEF (Riga, Latvia)
PLACE 6 BS Klaipeda (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
PLACE 7 100x100 Basket Olost (Osona, Spain)
PLACE 8 BJSC DSN (Riga, Latvia)

* Pomerania - did not take part in the 3rd stage

** CSKA - out of competition